Management Systems
By identifying areas of a business which can be made more effective, by reducing the frustrations of continual "damage control" and problem solving supports increased profitability and a better life-style for the business owner.

By identifying the "best way" and doing it consistently we can reduce the reliance on individual staff experience or skill levels in many areas.

After identifying the areas most likely to improve profitability and those causing the most annoyance we review them based on our real-world experience, working with you and your staff to develop and implement the "best ways", which are the foundations of your new systems.

So, what does this mean?, take a sporting analogy - the final score tells you the result of the game - who won and by how much - much as a Profit & Loss statement tells you if you made a profit or a  loss and how much it was.

But as we analyse the game we want to look at the scores quarter by quarter and see how we performed in each, and think about why, as we do with periodic Profit & Loss reports.

As we look deeper we start looking at the detail - who made the goals, how many attempts did they have compared with their scores, how many goals did the goalie save - from how many attempts, how many fast breaks did we achieve, how many centre bounces did we win and loose.......

In business we have statistics in the same way - a hotel may measure how long it took to clean the rooms for the week - and how this compares to their target, this may lead them to look into why it varied.

We might measure how many incoming 'phone calls we received about the advert we ran last Monday, and how many sales we made.

We might measure how much we sold of our different product types and how much profit those sales constibuted to the business, and compare this with our goals, which may lead us to look at why we had this result, and possibly lead us to change how we are doing things....

After identifying the important "numbers" for your business we create the systems to provide them, regularly and on time, always with as little "extra" work by your staff as possible.