Services Overview

Our major areas of focus are listed below, we are happy to provide our services in any needed areas and if they are outside our skill set we will assist in sourcing appropriate expertise within our network.


Accounting & Book-keeping services

Single project or regular (weekly, monthly) updating and on-going book-keeping. 

Secretarial and Treasury support for Clubs and Associations .


Financial & accounting systems creation & enhancement

The systems of many small businesses (particularly the accounting & reporting ones ) grow with the business, generally with little planning. Often they are created "on the run" as a need arises. 
Knowledge is power, and to manage with confidence we must know what is happening - it is the reporting systems which tell us what we need to focus on. 
Knowing what is happening (and what is not) supports increased profitability by allowing us to focus on the most important areas.

Working together we identify what are the important facts for this business and then develop ways to measure their performance as simply as possible to do and understand.


Management systems development

By identifying the "best way" and doing it consistently we can reduce the reliance on individual staff experience or skill levels in many areas. Getting these right will remove much of the frustrations and continual "damage control" and problem solving which dogs so many businesses. This supports increased profitability and life-style in many ways.


Strategic planning

Strategy is defining what needs to be done - this is the most important work the Business Owner can do. It is also one of the hardest to maintain focus on - every day your customers, your people and suppliers involve you in the detail, taking you away from planning or implementing your plans. 

By acting as a facilitator and a channel for your thoughts, your intimate knowledge of your business and what makes it tick we can develop a clear vision of what needs to be done and (the most important part) how and when it WILL be done. 


Marketing plans

Without a continual flow of new customers most businesses will wither away. 
Marketing is needed to ensure a business prospers, and generally the best way to do this is to have a plan.