HM Consulting - registered BAS agent.
BAS Agent

As a registered BAS agent HM Solutions is legally qualified to prepare and lodge Business Activity Statements for its clients (registration #85760006).


  • Preparing BAS since the introduction of GST in 2000
  • Experience over a wide variety of business types
  • We understand the time & paperwork issues of small business
  • We help clients stream-line their processes to reduce the time & cost of BAS and other reporting.
  • Membership of the National Tax & Accountants Association and association with other tax professionals gives us the resources should an issue arise which is outside our experience or knowledge.

Our focus is on assisting small businesses to increase their profitability by using systems and maximising the usefulness of their accounting processes & software.
This is part of our mind-set when carrying out all of our client’s work - looking for ways to stream-line the task & reduce the time it takes – and our cost to the client.
In the long run we believe this adds value and will lead to longer term relationships.